Q: Is SINGGATE Digital Door Lock safe?
A: Our Digital Door Locks are Anti-Black Box which is designed to prevent electromagnetic radiation interference.

All Digital Door Locks are equipped with C-Class Security Lock Cylinder similar to a safe box that prevents prying. 

Q: What are the advantages of SINGGATE digital door lock?
A: All of our Digital Door Lock uses fingerprint learning A.I. Biometric Sensor instead of the Error-prone LED Optic Sensor. Furthermore, you can start up our locks using a power bank / laptap when the battery runs flat instead of a 9V Battery. The Lock's scamble code feature helps to prevent your passcode from being exposed if there's someone around.

Q: Where is SINGGATE Smart Door Lock manufactured? When did the brand launch?
A: SINGGATE is our in-house local Singapore Brand. Parts are all assembled in Singapore. Our support and installation team are based locally. In addition, we have been providing excellent product and service to the customer since Oct 2018.

Q: Who should get a digital door lock?
A: For those people who want a convenient way of securing your home, with a digital door lock you can spend a lesser time trying to open or locking your door as well as there won’t be a need to use a key. So for all those people who forget to bring your keys out regularly, there still won’t be a problem for you to enter or locking your home.

Q: How do I reserve a lock of my choice / promotion deal?
All you have to do is to place a $50 deposit to reserve your choice of the digital door lock / promotion deal

Q: What are your modes of payment?


Q: I cannot make up my mind which colour lock I should install?
Not to worry, you can come down to our showroom to take a look. Alternately, on your day of installation, our engineers can bring down the locks for you to compare.

Q: How long does your installation take?
For our wooden digital door lock it takes 2 hours, as for our metal gate digital door lock it takes 1 hour.


Q: What type of battery does our digital door lock use?
Our digital door lock uses AA battery to operate. Batteries will be provided inside the package for all the digital door lock.

Q: How long can our digital door lock's battery last?
The battery can last from 6 months to 1 year. It depends on how frequently the digital door lock is used.

Q: How many fingers print can we register on your product?
All our digital door lock models are capable of registering up to 100 sets of fingerprints, PIN and card keys.

Q: How does your digital door lock key work? Can it be turned whichever direction to open?
Our digital door lock key can only be turned in one direction (clockwise).

Q: What if I forgot to lock my door; will other people be able to enter?
Our digital door lock requires authorization by the admin/user, before the free-style handle connects to the lock in order to unlock. Thus, other people are unable to enter your home/office without any authorization.

Q: Is your digital door lock water-resistant? 
Yes, our digital door locks are water-resistant. 

Q: Where should I place my emergency mechanism keys at?
The emergency mechanism keys are for contingency purpose an should not be placed at where the digital door lock is installed. We do not hold any master keys of duplicates of your keys.


Q: What happens if my digital door lock ran out of battery? Can I still enter?
Yes, you can start up your digital door lock via power bank / laptap or unlock the door using your emergency key.

Q: My battery keeps running low, even when I just change a new battery. What should I do?
Check if the battery compartment is loose. If it is loose, place a sponge on the battery cover to secure the batteries.

Q: Are your AA batteries provided rechargeable?
Our AA Batteries provided are non-rechargeable. However, you can purchase and use rechargeable batteries on our digital door locks.

Q: What happens if I lost my RFID card?
You can assess your admin menu and look for the user ID and delete it. We encourage you to write the user ID on the back of the card to keep track.

Q: What to do if my digital door lock is not detecting my fingerprint?
It may be due to any sweat, oil or dirt on your biometric sensor/finger, please try using a cloth to clean your fingers and digital  door lock before trying it again. We recommend you to register your fingerprint at different positions and register your other fingerprints.

Q: What to do if my digital door lock goes into system lock status after many unsuccessful unlocking attempts?
For example, after a few unsuccessful fingerprint unlocking attempts and your digital door lock goes into system lock status; please use other unlocking methods such as pin code or card to unlock your door first. If there is too many unsuccessful attempts, your digital door lock will stay in system lock status even longer. Once you are able to enter your house, you can reset or re-register your fingerprint again at different positions or register your other fingerprints.


Q: How long is your product’s warranty? And what does the warranty cover?
All our products have 2 years local warranty. Warranty only covers part and labour on-site and not cosmetic damages.

Q: Who should I contact regarding my after-sales services?
Please contact +65 90 168 111 or email us at for after-sales support.