Inspired By Smart Life

  • Say goodbye to Bamboo Pole

  • Maximize Laundry Drying Space

  • Auto sensing when obstacle & lifting

Are You Experiencing Any Of These Problems?

Missing Garments

Clothing gets blown away or falls to the ground

Weightlifting Issues

Everybody knows - laundry poles can weigh a ton when loaded up with wet laundry

Give You a Bruise

It gets increasingly harder for elders to bend or flex

Weather Issues

Thunderstorm? Don't expect your soppy dress to turn starchy dry anytime soon.


It’s a struggle to manage work, kids, and household chores at the same time. 


Bamboo poles?

Why Smart Laundry Is Different?

Dry indoors and away from neighbours

No more neighbor mishaps! Drying indoors with an automated system prevents drips and bird droppings  from above. Rain or shine, never miss laundry day again.

Cost-saving in the long run

On top of amazing drying capabilities, 5x more energy-efficient than traditional dryers. 2-hour 45ºC Solar Drying cycle costs less than $1*.

Less exhausting on the shoulders and back

No more lugging wet laundry outdoors! Our 1.3m drop-down height allows for comfortable drying at home after a long day at work.

Lesser damage to clothes

UV exposure fades fabric color. Our systems are UV-free, preserving color. Zero tumble drying minimizes wear, unlike conventional dryers.

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  • Free Delivery

  • On-site Warranty

  • Secure Payment

  • Online Support

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Express Your Style with Powerful Features

Essential Features

  • LED Lighting
  • Remote Control
  • Obstacle Sensing
  • Quiet Operation
  • Energy Saving
  • Overload Alert

Advanced Features

  • Direct Voice Control - Even Offline
  • APP Control - Online
  • Dual Fan Module
  • Dual Heat Drying Module
  • Dual UV Module

Choose Your Package And Save Big On Your Order !

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LS023 Pro Premium Quality & Voice Control Automated Laundry Rack
  • Size: 1,380 - 2,400 mm

  • Drop Distance: 1,300 mm

  • Load Capacity: 35 KG

Sale Off
LS023 Automated Laundry Rack
  • Size: 1,380 - 2,400 mm

  • Drop Distance: 1,300 mm

  • Load Capacity: 35 KG

  • Direct Voice Control

Sale Off
LS028 Voice Control Automated Laundry Rack
  • Size: 1,550 - 2,400 mm

  • Drop Distance: 1,300 mm

  • Load Capacity: 35 KG

  • Direct Voice Control


Laundry In Just 4 Easy Steps

01. "Come Down" Voice

Direct Voice Control - Just command, it will response and follow.

02. Hanging Clothes

11 Poles - Create more drying space. Extend up to 2,400 mm.

03. Lifting Sensing

Make life more easy with just lift 5 cm the rack, it will auto lift up.

04. That's All


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to have your questions answered by a friendly customer service representative.

Frequently asked questions

I have an existing manual system, can you help us dismantle it?

Yes, we provide dismantling at no additional cost when you purchase any system from us. 

Does the LED help in drying?

All systems are integrated with the LED light for illuminating purposes so that you get to enjoy all the benefits in one. Save even more without having to purchase any additional ceiling light!

Can the machine be pushed out of the window?

No, this is an indoor system. It’s designed to be more efficient than conventional manual system. From increased safety to more load capacity, you can dry more clothes without the hassle of lifting heavy laundry. The systems are also designed to encourage air ventilation for your laundry to dry faster.

Most customers prefer to have their laundry dried under the Sun. However, various factors like unpredictable weather, the direction of your house for sunlight, and the time you choose to dry laundry, may not always be on your side. With our heat drying module, you can come home to sun-dried laundry anytime, any day.

Does automated laundry rack consume a lot of electricity when it is used?

No, the heavy lifting function is rated only 0.00001 kWh which is less than 10 cents of electricity per month. The Solar Drying function consumes only 0.72 kWh, and it is at least 9 times more energy efficient than conventional dryers! (Energy consumption audit calculation formula and information from SP Group)

How low can the system be lowered?

Our systems can be lowered to 1.35m. Contact us for a free consultation, we can recommend you a system that would fit your space and needs.

  • Only 3 items left in stock!