FA002 Digital Door Lock (Bronze)

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SINGGATE FA002 Face Recognition Digital Door Lock
  • SINGGATE Bundle Deals FA002 and FM019 Digital Door Lock (U.P $1599) Our best selling model for FA002 and FM019 Bundle Deal Door Lock at promotion now
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  • ❇️SINGGATE FA002 Digital Door Lock now comes with Upgraded Version❇️
  • UPGRADED VERSION: FA002 has a built-in camera and facial recognition
  • High Definition Face Recognition Digital Door Lock with Fast Verification Speed
  • Top Grade zinc alloy body and a C-grade lock cylinder
  • Implementation of anti-counterfeiting technology
  • No influence from various environmental factors (Accessories, glasses, Day or Night, etc.)
  • Automatic User Detection Function (Contactless)
  • Truly Convenience: no risk of losing the key or forgetting the PIN
  • Prying Resistant, Burglar-proof, and Anti-Shock Function
  • What do you get
  • Fully Automatic Features with Face Recognition
  • Convenient & Hassle-free to enter the house (Handle-less) especially when you are carrying a lot of things with you
  • Capture Function, if someone stays in front of your door more than 30 seconds will automatically activate the face capture function
  • 2 cards and 2 keys will be given
  • Performance Wining Design
  • Come in 2 different colours for your selection
    - Black Gold
    - Bronze
  • 2 years warranty covers part and labour on site

  • Will be helpful if you can send us the photo of your door (front, back and side view) for us to advise the suitability.
  • Please ensure that there must be at least 6cm gap between metal gate and wooden door in order for our SINGGATE FA002 to fit in nicely.
  • For bundle deal please ensure that there must be at least 11.5cm gap between metal gate and wooden door in order for our SINGGATE FA002 and FM019 to fit in nicely.

Full Smart Technology Pte Ltd

Singapore feels safe enough, why should we care about home safety? Well, sadly, an upgraded home security system is one of those things you don’t always realise you need until it’s too late. And in the case of break-ins, prevention is much, much better than cure. We want you to feel safe in your home, so why not beef up the security of your home today with a digital lock from Full Smart Technology?

Full Smart Technology is a local company that designs new and high-tech solutions to everyday problems in the home, like security and household chores. The company is based in Singapore, and provides its own training to its local engineers and After Sales Support Team. They are devoted to giving their customers the best possible experience and ease of mind at an affordable price.