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  • FM021 Gate Digital Lock
  • LS026 Smart Laundry Rack

    Latest Gate Lock

    SINGGATE FM021 Singapore Metal Gate Digital Lock

    Looking for Metal Gate Look? Yes, We got you covered! Singapore First Truly Digital Lock for Metal Gate offers dual-side authentication. No more ugly Black Box.

    Method of Authentications:

    1. WIFI Mobile APP Unlocking
    2. RFID Card | RFID Tag | RFID Sticker
    3. Fingerprints store up to 100
    4. Touch pad (Pin code) 
    5. Mechanical Override Key

    Feature Highlights:

    • Dual Side Fingerprint Authentication
    • No Additional Remote Controller is Required
    • Remotely Unlocking Control

    Service Included:

    • 2 Years On-Site Warranty
    • Professional Installation by In-House Trained Engineers
    • Friendly Consultation Call or WhatsApp us at +65 8899 2189

      SINGGATE LS026 Singapore Smart Laundry Rack

      Easy and user friendly access with just a touch of a button! No disruption to daily life. Enjoy plenty of constant simulated sunlight and fresh air in the comfort of your home.

      Feature Highlights:

      • Control Within Reach
      • Zero Maintenance
      • Max. Loading 35kg

      Service Included:

      • 2 Years On-Site Warranty | 5 Years On-Site Warranty for Motor
      • Professional Installation by In-House Trained Engineers
      • Friendly Consultation Call or WhatsApp us at +65 8899 2189

      Singgate Digital Lock FM021 Future Metal Gate Lock Description



      Who We Are

      We are a Singapore Local Company with a Singapore Local Brand - SINGGATE.

      We incorporate the best of technology to raise the standards in quality, efficiency, and design.

      Spending years researching and importing technology from Germany, manufacturing our SINGGATE Digital Lock with High Grade Zinc Alloy. High Grade Zinc Alloy is stainless and can last up to 380 degrees celsius.

      Quality and security are an integral part of every product. Each digital lock that we carry is designed with greatest efforts and care to provide your home with the highest level of security and convenience. Only you and your loved ones will have access to your precious abode, using 7 unlocking methods which included face, palm, WIFI Mobile APP remote unlock, PIN Code, Fingerprints, RFID access cards (card/tags/stickers) and mechanical override c-class key.

      Why SINGGATE?

      We don’t make you pay extra fees unlike retail stores and other resellers.

      So, why are we more affordable?
      No high overhead costs, less operational expenses. In return, we can pass the savings on to you consumers who matter most. So, no frills you don’t need, no markups.

      We provide only local product and top-notch installation services with warranty protection. Modern world security shouldn’t be a luxury, it should be for every Singaporean.

      All our digital locks come with 2 years on-site warranty and life-time technical support. We also provide Friendly Consultation and Professional Installation by In-House Trained Engineers to our valued customers. Every part of our lock has spare parts in Singapore.

      We hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy offering them to you. We sincerely welcome you to contact us if you have any enquiries.

      Got questions?

      Call or WhatsApp us at +65 8899 2189 to have your questions answered by a friendly customer service representative.