FR001 Door Digital Lock (Bronze)

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SINGGATE FR001 Smart Viewer Digital Door Lock

Combination of a smart door viewer and digital lock, a useful feature to amp up security in you home. Capture any suspicious movement with your smartphone.

Method of Authentications:

  1. Fingerprints store up to 100
  2. Touch Pad (PIN Code)
  3. RFID Card | RFID Tag | RFID Sticker
  4. WIFI Mobile APP Unlocking
  5. Mechanical Override Key

Feature Highlights:

  • Smart Intelligent Control
  • Capture Any Suspicious Movement Every Where Every Time
  • Combination of Smart Door Viewer & Digital Lock into Single Device

Service Included: 

  • Free Expert Installation 
  • Free 2 Years On-Site Warranty 
  • Free Friendly Consultation Call or WhatsApp us at +65 9016 8111


FR001 Wooden Door Lock Door Digital Lock Door Lock SINGGATE Digital Lock

SINGGATE FR001 Smart Viewer Digital Door Lock

🌈 Come in 2 different colors : 
▶️ Gun Metal
▶️ Bronze

👉Are you looking for a door viewer and digital lock at the same time? 
👉Are you still using keys🔑 to open up your doors? 
👉Are you sick of losing your keys 🔑and stuck outside of your door? 
👉Are you ready for something much more convenient and security? 

Top-notch security features
1️⃣-It can store up to: 
▲ 200 biometric fingerprints Data 
▲ 50 Passcode Data 
▲ 100 RFID Card Data 
▲ 50 APP Data Configurations 
2️⃣- Comes with 2 RFID cards by default 
3️⃣- Passcode-enabled 
4️⃣- Gain Access using a mechanical key (2 provided) 
5️⃣- Surveillance APP Unlock (Unlock for your friends / relatives while you are away) 
6️⃣- Prying Surveillance APP Alert (Snapshot to APP upon multiple error attempts)

🔋Powered up by Rechargeable Lithium Battery

💪24 months warranty covers Parts and Labour on-site by Full Smart Team based locally

💪 One Single Touch to open your door in less than 1 seconds! Sound cool? 

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Got questions? Call or WhatsApp us at +65 9016 8111 to have your questions answered by a friendly customer service representative.


Singapore feels safe enough, why should we care about home safety? Well, sadly, an upgraded home security system is one of those things you don’t always realise you need until it’s too late. And in the case of break-ins, prevention is much, much better than cure. We want you to feel safe in your home, so why not beef up the security of your home today with a SINGGATE digital lock from Full Smart Technology?


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