7 Reasons to get a Smart Laundry System

7 Reasons to get a Smart Laundry System

Smart Laundry System

Smart home products are becoming trendier in the coming years as people in the 21st Century are more tech-savvy, and they tend to look out for products that make their lives more convenient. For Full Smart Technology, other than digital locks that we have, we also carry products like our smart laundry system which is becoming popular in this monsoon season. 

Still not sure whether to install a smart laundry system at home? Here are some of the benefits that show you the reasons why it can make your lives easier.

Smart Laundry System

#1: LED Light & UV Sterilizer

For the Full Smart Technology smart laundry system it comes with energy saving LED Light that provides brightness for the users even if they are doing laundry during the night. LED lights are extremely long-lasting, unlike conventional types of light; it produces minimal amounts of heat, which means they are unlikely to overheat.

Not only that, the smart laundry system also provides high 7W Ultra-Violet sterilizer which helps to kill viruses and bacteria, so you do not have to worry about laundry smelling bad. To save energy the system will automatically close the UV light after 2 hours.

Smart Laundry System

Smart Laundry System

#2: Smart Air & Rapid Heat Drying

If you are a busy working individual, you don’t have to worry about to catch the sunlight at the opportune moment for just to dry our cloths.

This laundry system is able to help you resolve the problems. It comes with a smart air and rapid heat drying that provides ventilation and heat to dry clothes effectively - even more so than natural breeze.

Smart Laundry System

#3: Sensor Stoppage function when in contact with obstacles

For your safety, Full Smart laundry system came with a sensor-stop function. It poles lower at a steady speed and the mechanism will stop upon contact with obstacles. So! Not to worry about them fall on your head ever.


Smart Laundry System

#4: Load-Breaking Up to 35Kg

Full Smart laundry system are able to carry the heavy load up to 35 KG!
You can just hang your freshly washed cloths on the smart laundry system as much as you want.


Smart Laundry System

#5:  Adjustable height

The height for Full Smart laundry system is adjustable, you can set it to a comfortable height that is easier for you and your family so that it will not require you to struggle about the trouble of reaching.

 It also a good opportunity for parents to get their child involved in this activity and teach them of shared responsibility in the household from a young age.


Smart Laundry System

#6: Remote Control

Full Smart laundry system can be easily controlled by a wireless remote control. Imagine that you can just use a remote to turning on and off your laundry system with a few quick button that no require you to get off from your bed and walk to the kitchen.

And you do not have to be spared the mini arm workout of hoisting bamboo poles up! You can just use remote to descends your laundry system and hang all your cloth on the laundry system. After that, you can just need a simple press on the button, then the laundry system will be ascended by itself. 

#7: Keep your cloths clean all the time.

If you hang cloths outside the standard HDB bamboo poles, you might be facing some of the following issue: 

  • Dust, Haze, and others bacterial from outside might soiling your cloths.
  • Wet laundry dripping onto your cloths from upstairs by your neighbor.
  • Your cloths might drop down to your neighbor bamboo poles place is the wing of the day is too strong or you never hang it properly.

Smart Laundry System: SINGGATE LS029 is able to resolve these problems by provide you a opportunity to hang all your cloths inside the house with a easy and simple ways. 

So what are you waiting for? Click here to order one of SINGGATE LS029 Smart Laundry System now! 

Got questions? Call or WhatsApp us at +65 9016 8111 to have your questions answered by a friendly customer service representative.

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