Covid-19: Stay Safe & Healthy

Covid-19: Stay Safe & Healthy

Covid-19: Stay Safe & Healthy

In the light of the current ongoing situation, we would like to ensure our colleagues, clients and partners that SINGGATE is taking all necessary precautions and steps to secure safety and security of our clients as well as our colleagues service continuity; despite the potential effects of the corona virus outbreak.

Dedicated team to monitor the situation

As we do not underestimate the potential risks, we established a team who is constantly monitoring the current status of the COVID-19 outbreak in all part Singapore we service in, and thanks to their research and observations we can guarantee that we are acting based on recommendations and regulations of the local government and health organizations.

Considering the safety measures implemented, we ensure that SINGGATE continues all operations smoothly while our team remains available for your enquiries, questions or discussions as usual. Stay safe, Your SINGGATE Team

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