FM021 - Dual Way Handle Design with Biometrics Fingerprint Scanner

FM021 - Dual Way Handle Design with Biometrics Fingerprint Scanner

FM021 - Dual Way Handle Design with Biometrics Fingerprint Scanner

FM021 - SINGGATE Digital Metal Gate Lock

*Singapore First and Truly Specially Designed for Singapore Metal Gate*


Dual way ergonomic handle design

As a digital lock designed specifically for metal gates, the Singgate FM021 is an ideal choice if you have metal gates at home. It boasts a dual way ergonomic handle design, which means that both the outer and inner side of the digital lock requires verification to unlock your gate. 

And as you know already, HDB metal gate designs in Singapore often require a black box to prevent hands from unlocking the door from the inside. That black box is not really aesthetically pleasing to look at, so, luckily, the Singgate FM021 eliminates the need for that with its dual-way ergonomic design. In addition, this design effectively protects the internal parts of the digital lock from any malicious damage.

Guaranteed safety with multiple ways of unlocking

You may unlock the Singgate FM021 via 5 modes. Choose from biometrics fingerprint (it rejects fake fingerprints), remote unlock via a WiFi mobile app, password using the touchpad, RFID cards and stickers, and of course, using its C-class Mechanical Override Key. The Singgate FM021 is also perfect for large households since it can store up to 100 fingerprints & passwords combined. But no worries, if you are going to have more people over for a house party, you may switch to the lock’s Passageway Mode and guests can come in without requiring any verification. 

Moreover, we love how the Singgate FM021 features a reliable anti-hacking system, ensuring that your home is well-protected from possible intruders. The digital lock also has an alarm that will be set off once an intruder attempts to pry it open or input multiple errors of fingerprint and password entry. 

Why buy this: 

  • Feature-packed digital lock specially designed for Singapore’s metal gates
  • Emergency power bank jumpstart
  • With a durable in-built battery 
  • Water-resistant with IP64 rating
  • Local brand and local support
  • Free Installation with 2 Years on-site warranty ($0 charges for any manufacturer’s defects)

 If you have questions about FM021, please Call or WhatsApp us at +65 8899 2189 to have your questions answered by a friendly sales representative.


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