24/7 Lock Activity Trails on Your Fingertip

24/7 Lock Activity Trails on Your Fingertip

 24/7 Lock Activity Trails

Keep track of all entry access to the lock via the activity trail as they occur.

Your Child’s Return To The Home

The family arrival notice sends a push message to inform that your child has returned home safely, which allows you to keep track of their arrival in real-time.

Your Parent's Safety

APP automatically records your parents’ history of entering and leaving their home so you can ensure the safety of your parents living far away.


A Safe and Convenient Door Opening

Remotely Unlock

Remotely unlock your door everywhere, no more worry about how to unlock for parent or child when you no at home.

Our Latest product FR001 with Build-in Smart Door Viewer

An snapshot send to Mobile Phone when Doorbell activated. This allows you to have a look of outsider before remotely unlock your door.

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