Where the name of the FR055 come from?

Where the name of the FR055 come from?

FR055 is specially designed and named for Singapore National Day 8.9.2020 which is Singapore 55th Birthday.

Do You Know? FR055 is the first Singapore lock with Facial & Palm Recognition Technology. Your face is your key now. It is with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Technologies, Our FR055 operates with the highest safety and reliability standards.

Method of Authentications:

  1. Facial Recognition 
  2. Palm Recognition
  3. Quick Release Handle
  4. Fingerprints store up to 100
  5. Touch pad (PIN code) 
  6. RFID Card | RFID Tag | RFID Sticker
  7. WIFI Mobile APP Unlocking
  8. Mechanical Override Key

Feature Highlights:

  • Low Battery Consumptions
  • Highest Level of Security
  • Superior Contactless Experience 

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  • Aug 06, 2021
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