1-Altitude officially closing its doors after 12 stellar years

1-Altitude officially closing its doors after 12 stellar years


The world’s highest gastro lounge in the world is ceasing its operations by March 31. After 12 stellar years of giving us probably the best sunset tipples as one of the must-visit nightlife venues in Singapore before Covid struck, 1-Altitude definitely cements itself as a pioneering legend that will go down in local nightlife lore.

The iconic rooftop bar that sits 282 metres above sea level will be remembered best for its truly unobstructed 360-degree views of the city, coupled with jaw-dropping sunsets, vibrant A-list nightlife and a live music scene graced by internationally renowned DJs. Like many of us who’ve made countless memories, 1-Altitude will be sorely missed.

Well, all’s not lost, parent company 1-Group touts to return with a brand new concept at 1–Arden with much to tease. But the question still remains whether the prime locale will house a new concept or not. Meanwhile, while we fuss over fine details, do yourselves a favour and head over for one last hurrah over a few sunset tipples.

Who knows? This may really be the last opportunity to relish in the world’s highest gastro lounge. For us, it doesn’t get any better than to be on top of the world, basking in the night’s breeze sipping on happy juice and that’s where we will be!

Tan, D. (2022, March 3). 1-Altitude officially closing it’s doors after 12 stellar years. Time Out Singapore. https://www.timeout.com/singapore/news/1-altitude-officially-closing-its-doors-after-12-stellar-years-030322

  • Mar 07, 2022
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