Actress Sheila Sim 'disappointed' that husband 'failed to plan' anything for Mother's Day

Actress Sheila Sim 'disappointed' that husband 'failed to plan' anything for Mother's Day


While your Instagram feed may be flooded with flowery dedications to mums over the weekend, Sheila Sim is keeping it real by sharing her disappointment over the occasion instead.


The 38-year-old actress and model wrote on May 8 that there have been "no celebrations, no flowers, [and] no cards" for her this Mother's Day as her husband had "failed to plan".


Sim said she was disappointed because Mother's Day is the "most meaningful day" for her, even more so than her birthday.


"[Because] I worked so hard to be a mother," she explained, adding:


"But I try hard to remind myself that the biggest gift of them all is Layla. I'm doing this [because] I love Layla with every bit of my heart, and I shouldn't have expectations of returns.


But I am only human."


The actress then addressed other mums who might be feeling the same way, and commiserated with them by saying that she understands their frustration and disappointment.


She married 41-year-old banker Deon Woo in January 2018, and managed to conceive after undergoing surgery to remove a number of fibroids in her womb.


How, M. (2022). Actress Sheila Sim “disappointed” that husband “failed to plan” anything for Mother’s Day. Mothership.SG - News from Singapore, Asia and around the World.

  • May 10, 2022
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