Aespa's Karina and Lee Jae-wook are Confirmed to be Dating

Aespa's Karina and Lee Jae-wook are Confirmed to be Dating

Aespa's Karina and Lee Jae-wook are Confirmed to be Dating


South Korean news outlet, Dispatch revealed the news which was later corroborated by the stars' respective agencies. 


The internet's buzzing with the latest dating news that dropped courtesy of South Korean celebrity news outlet, Dispatch. The latter published an article today revealing that Karina of Aespa and South Korean actor, Lee Jae-wook are currently dating. The rumours were later confirmed by the stars' respective talent agencies as well as other news outlets with SM Entertainment (representing Aespa) stating, "The two are now at the stage of getting to know each other." Lee's agency, C-JeS Studio also corroborated the report, saying that the two had met while attending Prada Men's Fall/Winter 2024 fashion show in Milan in January of this year.


The Dispatch report stated that the two had met there for the first time and were able to spend time both in Milan and Seoul, despite their demanding schedules. The report also included papparazzi photos of Lee Jae-wook and Karina meeting up at night near his residence for lowkey dates.


Karina has been busy with her Aespa activities as she currently gearing up for their second world tour called Synk: Parallel Line. The latter kicks off in June 29 and will also be making a stop at Singapore. Meanwhile, Lee Jae-wook has also been busy with filming and is currently on a press campaign for his latest show, The Impossible Heir, which will premiere February 28 on Disney+. 


It is quite unprecedented that the rumours were confirmed so quickly and casually by the stars' representatives. The news garnered mixed reactions from netizens though most were happy for the new celebrity couple, commenting that they made a good-looking couple. This hints at a subtle movement in Korean celebrity culture where stars and idols are unafraid of being their authentic selves, regardless of public scrutiny. We just can't think of a more stylish matchmaker than Prada. Here's wishing the stylish duo the best!


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