Apple Event 2023: When is it and what will be announced?

Apple Event 2023: When is it and what will be announced?

Apple Event 2023: When is it and what will be announced?


Every September, technology fanatics gather in groves to see what Apple has up its sleeve for the next iteration of the iPhone. This year is no exception, and we now have the official date for Apple's September event.


The event will take place on September 12 at 10am Pacific Time. It will be streamed on Apple's website and the Apple TV app. It is being dubbed "Wonderlust" by the company.


What will Apple announce at the event?

Apple is fully expected to announce the iPhone 15 during the event. This year's phone lineup will feature four different variations of the device.


  • iPhone 15
  • iPhone 15 Plus
  • iPhone 15 Pro
  • iPhone 15 Pro Max (possibly called "Ultra")


All versions will move away from the lightning port and adopt the universal USB-C standard, which has been a common feature on Android phones for quite a while.


The Apple Watch is also expected to get a refresh, with the Series 9 improving on the Series 8 and the second-generation of the Apple Watch Ultra on its way as well.


On the software side, Apple should be announcing the release date of iOS 17 and watchOS 10.


Apple's last event came in June during WWDC23. At that event, they unveiled the 15-inch M2 MacBook AirMac Studio with M2 Max and M2 UltraMac Pro with M2 Ultra, and they announced Apple Vision Pro, which is their first "spatial operating system" device.


This year's September event doesn't appear to have the same fanfare as before, possibly due to not many changes being made to the iPhone as a whole. For the Pro version, it's a rather iterative upgrade over the iPhone 14 Pro aside from the port, a slightly better camera and a more lightweight design.


Folding and flip phones have revolutionized the mobile market over the past couple of years and are beginning to drive some consumers away from Apple's more streamlined approach. It's only a matter of time before Apple joins that trend, but that isn't in the cards this year.


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