Apple’s new iPhone 13 touts faster 5G, sharper camera

Apple’s new iPhone 13 touts faster 5G, sharper camera

Apple’s new iPhone 13 touts faster 5G, sharper camera

CUPERTINO, CALIFORNIA (REUTERS) - Apple unveiled the iPhone 13 and a new iPad mini on Tuesday (Sept 14), expanding 5G connectivity and showing off faster chips and sharper cameras without raising the phone’s price.

The Cupertino, California-based company did not announce any blockbuster features or products, but analysts expect customers hanging onto older models like the iPhone X will be eager to upgrade.

To encourage trade-ins, participating wireless carriers in the United States are offering incentives ahead of the year-end holiday season that make the new phones free to some customers.

The iPhone 13 will have a new chip called the A15 Bionic that enables features like automatically translating text. The phone also has a better display, longer battery life and a Cinematic mode for automatically changing focus while taking videos.

Apple said the iPhone 13 will have custom 5G antennae and radio components for faster speeds, and will come in five colours.

The US prices are unchanged from last year, but some carriers such as AT&T will offer the devices for no additional fee if customers trade in a previous model and sign up for an instalment plan.

The iPhone 13 will retail from $1,299 while the 13 mini starts from $1,149 in Singapore. The iPhone 13 Pro starts from $1,649 in Singapore, while the 13 Pro Max starts from $1,799. The phones will be available next Friday (Sept 24).

The iPhone is Apple’s most important product, but Apple has rolled out a web of services and other products. The move is seen as locking customers into a system they enjoy – and would find expensive to leave.



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