Behind Singapore’s growth as a regional tech hub

Behind Singapore’s growth as a regional tech hub

Behind Singapore’s growth as a regional tech hub

Eighty of the world’s top 100 tech companies have a presence in Singapore, a city-state that has been described as a “miniature Silicon Valley.”

That’s thanks to a culture of innovation, strong intellectual property protection laws, and its status as a financial center. These factors, along with nationwide initiatives to support new businesses, have positioned Singapore as a regional tech hub.

What it takes to become a tech hotspot

One example of a government-led initiative is the Accreditation@SG Digital (Accreditation@SGD) program, which was launched by the Infocomm Media Development Authority of Singapore (IMDA) in July 2014.

The program aims to assist tech companies in establishing their credentials and connecting with potential customers. Its ultimate objective: driving Singapore’s growth in the technology and communications sector, contributing to the digital economy strategy.

At the same time, the way consumers use technology has also changed rapidly over the years, with huge developments in areas such as AI and the internet of things. Adapting to these shifts is important for Singapore’s development as a tech hub.

The Accreditation@SGD program, Low shares, is meant to support new companies – those that are pushing the envelope and disrupting the status quo – by accelerating their growth and introducing them to more business opportunities.

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