Google Doodle celebrate first-generation Singaporean painter Georgette

Google Doodle celebrates first-generation Singaporean painter Georgette Chen

If you've been on the Google homepage today, you would've probably noticed a Doodle of a very familiar figure in Singapore's art history. But who is she? 


Of course, some would immediately recognise the still life paintings surrounding her. She is none other than Georgette Chen, a first-generation Singaporean painter and a pioneer of the Nanyang art movement in Singapore. A trailblazer of the Singapore art movement, she was an important figure in the nation's art history, especially having lived through two Chinese revolutions and the first and second World Wars.


The Doddle is released on November 1 to commemorate the day Georgette Chen had two of her paintings selected for exhibition at the annual Salon d’Automne, a showcase of innovative 20th-century painting, famous for displaying the work of artists such as Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse and Paul Cézanne. This is also the first Doodle to feature a Singaporean female artist, it looks to celebrate her inspiring story and honour her legacy.


Her biggest retrospective so far, Georgette Chen: At Home In The World, was recently exhibited at National Gallery Singapore for the first time in two decades. It spotlighted her most significant works alongside a wealth of newly discovered archival materials.


In line with this, culture vultures from all over the world can peep her works on Google Arts and Culture – which include Still Life (Moon Festival Table); Still Life with Cut Apple and Orange and her Self Portrait


Let's take a moment to celebrate the accomplishments of one of Singapore's greatest artists – even if the recognition came second to the artist. After all, she has once been quoted: "Art to me is a labour of love and like such labours expects neither gain nor reward and brings meaning into one's life." 


This may mark the first Doodle to feature a Singaporean female artist – but we're sure this won't be the last. 


Nurjuwita, D. (2021a, October 31). Google Doodle celebrates first-generation Singaporean painter Georgette Chen. Time Out Singapore.

  • Nov 02, 2021
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