Hong Kong actress Maggie Cheung turns DJ in surprise appearance

Hong Kong actress Maggie Cheung turns DJ in surprise appearance

Hong Kong actress Maggie Cheung turns DJ in surprise appearance


HONG KONG - Hong Kong actress Maggie Cheung, who has not been seen in public for some time, made a surprise appearance at the opening of a luxury brand's flagship store in the territory on June 23 night.


Cheung, who is famous for acting in movies such as Centre Stage (1991), Comrades: Almost A Love Story (1996) and In The Mood For Love (2000), was a special guest at the event. She curated a song list and also deejayed for the event.


The 57-year-old was spinning to hype up the crowd and soon became the centre of attraction.


Hong Kong stars Aaron Kwok and Nicholas Tse, who were among the celebrities present, were seen moving to the beat.


Cheung's hair was dyed red and she was wearing a black blazer on top of an athleisure get-up.


According to Hong Kong media, Cheung was last seen in public on Chinese reality show, Master In The House, in 2019, where she was the mentor for Chinese boy band Next.


Kwok, 56, posted photos of himself, Tse, Cheung and actress Karena Lam on social media and wrote that he had met many good friends again on Thursday night.


"I was pleasantly surprised to experience Maggie's DJ set, as it added something different to this opening ceremony," he wrote.


Tse, who was seen in the photos wearing dark glasses, told the media that he had injured the corner of his right eye, leaving him with an almost 5cm-long scar. This was from filming the new movie Customs Frontline about three weeks ago.


The 41-year-old singer-actor said that he had forgotten to take off his glasses when he jumped from more than 10m to rehearse for an action scene. The glasses had hurt the corner of his eye when he landed on a cushion.


He blamed himself for his carelessness and was glad that the actual shooting went well without incident.


He said he does not mind scars as they are part and parcel of being an action actor, but added that he would consult doctors about it as he did not want the scar to affect his work in the future.

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