Joanna Dong, 42, Reveals Breast Cancer Scare; Misses 1st NDP Rehearsal To Undergo Surgery

Joanna Dong, 42, Reveals Breast Cancer Scare; Misses 1st NDP Rehearsal To Undergo Surgery

Joanna Dong, 42, Reveals Breast Cancer Scare; Misses 1st NDP Rehearsal To Undergo Surgery


The singer says she is “recovering well” and will return for the final rehearsal as well as the parade on August 9.


Local singer Joanna Dong is one of the musical acts for this year’s National Day Parade (NDP), but she was nowhere to be seen on the Padang for the first rehearsal on Saturday (Jun 29)


According to a lengthy Instagram post, the 42-year-old who placed third in the Chinese singing competition <Sing! China in 2017, revealed that she suffered a health scare recently which required her to undergo a minor operation.


“I noticed some bloody discharge from my right breast, so when I went for my regular breast checkup, [and] my specialist recommended some tests and scans,” she said.


Joanna revealed that her MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) results were “pretty concerning and revealed that a sizeable area of blood pooling in the ducts on both breasts”.


She said doctors suspected DCIS (stage zero breast cancer) and a biopsy was ordered.


After what Joanna described as “a nail-biting wait”, she was relieved to find out that there was no cancer though there were some atypical cells on her right breast.


Atypical cells are classified as cells that can become cancerous over time.


Joanna revealed that she went had surgery last Friday (Jun 28) to have a “relatively small segment excised, and my ducts removed”.


“I am home and doing great, and should make a full recovery really soon,” she wrote.


The singer went on to share her experience, adding that “talking about our breasts should be destigmatised by now”.


“I went through a whole gamut of emotions when the doctor gave a worst-case scenario [about how] it might have been a double lumpectomy or even mastectomy and breast reconstruction,” she wrote.


In addition to thanking her doctors and nurses for the care they have shown her, Joanna also emphasised how important it is to have insurance, which she says she is thankful for getting when she was much younger.


“Everyone, especially freelancers in the arts – please get on top of this if you haven’t”, she added.


Joanna’s Instagram post has since drawn numerous well wishes from netizens wishing her a speedy recovery.


Celebs including Fann Wong, Desmond Tan, Xiang Yun, and Ang Junyang left words of encouragement in the comments.


Fellow singer Tay Kexin, who stood in for Joanna last Saturday also sent her best wishes, writing, “You’re such a trooper. I am in awe of your professionalism and attitude right up to before your surgery. Please rest well and I look forward to seeing you on the big screen on Aug 9”.


Kexin will perform for the next two preview shows on July 6 and 13 before Joanna’s expected return for the final rehearsal and NDP show on August 9.


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