Klopp Talk: Leicester City Win “Well Deserved”

Klopp Talk: Leicester City Win “Well Deserved”

Klopp Talk: Leicester City Win “Well Deserved”


It appeared that ’s penalty luck against  wore out after their penalty shoot-out win last week in the League Cup. When the Reds once against faced Leicester, Mohamed Salah missed a penalty in the first half that proved to be pivotal in their 1-0 loss. At least the narrative has a sense of irony.

Speaking after the game, Jurgen Klopp gave his honest opinion of his team’s performance.

“I think we started OK,” he said. “I didn’t like 100 per cent the intensity even in the beginning, but sometimes you have starts like this. But then we lost rhythm and never found it really back. At least we had moments where we could have played much better.”

As for Leicester, Klopp was a gracious loser.

“In the end, what I told everybody who was responsible for the Leicester performance tonight: well deserved,” he praised. “The story is actually nice – one of the guys who was constantly talking about we should not play the 26th and 28th plays only on the 28th and is losing against the team who plays on the 26th and 28th. Funny story, I know. So I really think in a really strange game from our side, they deserved the three points.”

The last match of 2021 did not cap off the year the way that the team would have hoped, but it’s a fitting end to a tumultuous rollercoaster of a calendar year for the Reds.

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