Mavis Hee appears in ‘rare gathering’ of Singapore and Malaysian singers

Mavis Hee appears in ‘rare gathering’ of Singapore and Malaysian singers

Mavis Hee appears in ‘rare gathering’ of Singapore and Malaysian singers


HAIKOU, China – Singer Mavis Hee has excited fans after making an appearance in a rare gathering with other singers on social media.


The reclusive star, who turns 49 in September, was seen in fellow Singapore singer Tanya Chua’s social media photos early on Sunday.


The two had performed with Singapore singer Stefanie Sun and Malaysian singer Fish Leong, both 45, at the Heavenly Queens’ Night concert in Haikou in China’s Hainan province on Saturday.


Chua, 48, posted three photos on Instagram, Facebook and Weibo, and wrote in Chinese: “A rare gathering of the century. Singapore and Malaysian participants have to take photos to mark the occasion. Happy.”


Hee also shared the post on Facebook.


After Singapore singer Kit Chan, 50, wrote in the comments section that she wanted to be there too, Chua replied: “You would have completed the SG 20th century circle.”


Several fans noted that they have not seen Hee for a long time, while other fans called the four singers the pride of Singapore and Malaysia.


Also in the concert line-up in Haikou on Saturday were Hong Kong singer Vivian Chow, 55, and Korean-American singer Jessica Jung, 34.


Hee is famous for hit songs such as Regret, Moon River and Moonlight In The City, the theme song of the Channel 8 drama series Tofu Street (1996).


At the height of her popularity in the mid-1990s, her albums reportedly outsold those by Hong Kong singers including Andy Lau and Faye Wong.


However, Hee faded from the music scene in the early 2000s. She made headlines in 2006 when she was arrested for harassing two guests in a hotel, and was later diagnosed with schizophrenia.


Since then, she has performed only sporadically.


Her Mandopop career seems to be now back on track.


In January, Hee made a surprise appearance at festive event River Hongbao. She was also part of the Chong Feng 17th Reunion Concert line-up with local and Taiwanese singers in April, and performed at Chinese-language daily Lianhe Zaobao’s 100th anniversary shows in July.


She shared the stage with Chan, Joanna Dong and other local singers at the Gardens by the Bay and Mediacorp National Day Concert earlier in August.


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