National Day Rally 2021

National Day Rally 2021

National Day Rally 2021

PM Lee Hsien Loong delivers his speech on Sunday from 6.45pm. Follow the key announcements and watch the live stream here.


PM Lee highlights Olympic table tennis player Yu Mengyu’s ‘perseverance and fighting spirit’


Singapore has also accepted ethnic Chinese from overseas, who need time to adapt to our way of life, and we should help them integrate into society, says PM Lee.

One example is national table tennis player Yu Mengyu, who came to Singapore when she was 17.

“She made it to the semi-finals (during the Olympics), and hoped very much to win a medal for Singapore. Many Singaporeans who saw her in action were moved by her determination,” says PM Lee.

“While she did not win a medal in the end, she won the applause and respect of Singaporeans. And that is the Singapore spirit, to be indomitable, to keep going and never give up.”

He concludes his speech by quoting a song from the 1930s titled In Springtime. The last few lines are the most meaningful, he says.

“Don’t be sad or dejected, for there will sometimes be strong winds and waves… keep going and don’t falter, for beyond the darkness comes the light of dawn.”


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