Pop diva Coco Lee dies at age 48

Pop diva Coco Lee dies at age 48

Pop diva Coco Lee dies at age 48

Chinese-American singer Coco Lee had passed away on Jul. 5 after committing suicide at her home three days earlier, announced her sister, Nancy Lee, in a Weibo post.


Amongst her countless accolades, the 48-year-old was known for her song "A Love Before Time", which was nominated for Best Original Song at the Oscars.


Sister revealed that Coco had suffered from depression


In her Weibo post, Nancy revealed that Coco had been afflicted with depression and had been battling it since a few years ago.


However, her condition worsened drastically recently, which resulted in her committing suicide at her home on Jul. 2.


Coco had been unconscious since she was conveyed to the hospital, and despite the efforts by her doctors to save and treat her, the singer eventually passed away on Jul. 5.


Nancy also shared that she was very grateful and honoured to have such a capable and outstanding sister, and she thanked the heavens for blessing her with such a kind angel.


She also said she hoped Coco is now in a happier place where she would no longer be tortured by depression.


For now, the family's priority is to take good care of their elderly mother.


Nancy asked readers to send in their prayers for her mother and give the family some time and space to heal.


At the end of the post, Nancy thanked Coco's doctors again for doing their best to save and take care of Coco.


She also asked members of the public to share Coco's bright smile and sincerity, as well as spread her kindness and love to everyone around them, while paying their respects to her.


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