Salernitana vs. Roma: Lineups & Game Thread

Salernitana vs. Roma: Lineups & Game Thread

Salernitana vs. Roma: Lineups & Game Thread


The last time we saw Roma in an official competitive match, the Giallorossi were hoisting the inaugural Europa Conference League trophy, their first European title in more than 30 years. While there's nothing quite as consequential on the line today, after an impressive summer transfer market in which the club landed none other than Paulo Dybala, expectations are at an all-time high in the Eternal City.


José Mourinho has done his best to quell our Scudetto dreams, splashing cold water on our collective faces by gently reminding us that Roma's spending this summer has been on par with the relegation dwellers, not to mention the simple fact that both Milan clubs finished miles ahead of the Giallorossi last season. And while he's probably right in that regard, the palpable sense of excitement around the club is like nothing I've seen in my decade covering the club.


The Scudetto race will sort itself out over the next several months, so for now, let's focus on today's opponent.


The lineups are in, so let's see what Matchday One of Mourino: Year Two has in store for us!


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