Sheila Sim, 38, pregnant with 2nd child after only trying 1 round

Sheila Sim, 38, pregnant with 2nd child after only trying 1 round

Sheila Sim, 38, pregnant with 2nd child after only trying 1 round


Local actress Sheila Sim is pregnant with her second child.


News of the 38-year-old actress' pregnancy was shared via The Celebrity Agency's Instagram page.


Sim is in her second trimester, with the baby due in March 2023.


Pleasant surprise


Speaking to Mothership, Sim said that while it was both "expected" and "unexpected", even though the couple was ready to try for baby number two.


When expecting her first child, she went to a traditional Chinese medicine specialist to get her body "prepared" for pregnancy.


As she and her banker husband were planning to have their second child, they decided to use the same method.


She said: "We thought it probably wouldn't be so accurate, like, so zhun right? [...] We already consulted the doctor and were waiting for my period cycle to start and end so I could start taking the medicine but it never came."


Feeling something was amiss, Sim decided to take a pregnancy test—on sushi night, just like her first pregnancy.


To the couple's surprise, the test came out positive.

More difficult


Despite having more time to rest this time around, she said that her second pregnancy feels "more difficult" than her first one.


"The first [pregnancy], I was filming throughout the first six months. This time I got to rest more as I'm currently not committed to any drama but I am a lot more tired and have more morning sickness than before," she said.


While the model said that she is "still functional", she also added that she is more fatigued, has a smaller appetite and feels like puking every time she smells her tonic.

Boy or girl?


The second person to find out about the pregnancy (excluding Sim herself) is the couple's two-year-old daughter, Layla.


"I was reading her a bedtime story when I told her that there's a baby in my tummy. She was very cute, she immediately lay on my tummy," Sim said.


While she sounds excited to be an older sister, Sim thinks that Layla doesn't really understand the complete picture and aspects of having another sibling.


Layla has also been saying that she's having a didi, or little brother, although the family does not know the gender of the baby yet.


"For the first pregnancy, we were very politically correct. As long as the baby's healthy, we have no preference. But in our hearts, we were kind of rooting for a girl. This time, we are really, really ok with whatever the gender is. It's really God's gift and it's a bonus for us."


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