Star Awards 2023: The 7 most eye-popping looks on the red carpet

Star Awards 2023: The 7 most eye-popping looks on the red carpet

Star Awards 2023: The 7 most eye-popping looks on the red carpet


SINGAPORE – When it came to local entertainment’s most glamorous night, the stars decided to paint it black.


With the Star Awards returning to Marina Bay Sands after 10 years on Sunday night, we were expecting many to raise the fashion stakes on the red carpet.


But most stars, from Rebecca Lim, Felicia Chin and Ya Hui to Pierre Png, Shaun Chen and even Elvin “Bandung” Ng, decided to play it safe – which is why these seven style outliers deserve special mention, for better or worse.


1. Chantalle Ng

Another poor celebrity made it to the red carpet despite being attacked by a wild animal en route. Ng may have emerged in one piece, but we cannot say the same for her raggedy silver dress from Denise Chong Adornments, tragically shredded and slashed across the waist, hips and legs. Security measures really need to be improved.


2. Jesseca Liu

In a sea of endless black, Liu’s outfit at least had some interesting elements going for it. Illusion mesh is tricky business, but this one is so well-fitted and matched her skin tone so seamlessly, it appeared as though she was wearing separates (it is actually a one-piece). If only she got rid of the monstrous organza bustle.


3. Ann Kok

Goddess then, and goddess now. A slinky, prettily pleated metallic emerald green Grecian gown is always an easy winner.


4. Xiang Yun

There is a reason why the fluorescent yellow highlighter was a must-have during our student days. Likewise, the veteran thespian refuses to be ignored. It is truly hard to forget someone swathed in a colour that screams “look at me!”, especially when you have gone half-blind doing just that. Seriously, though, this is a glow-up for the OG Ah Jie.


5. Zoe Tay

Speaking of Ah Jies, not everything is coming up roses for the Queen of Mediacorp’s red Oscar de la Renta frock. The sleek hair and make-up are on point And, yes, there is opulence and drama in the floral applique and gathered ballgown skirt. We just prefer seeing Tay in something less fussy, less covered up and less resembling Grandma’s sofa.


6. Bonnie Loo

Going on a pre-show diet for two weeks was how most of the stars reportedly prepared for the big day – until Loo swooped in and told everyone to hold her beer. This is less of a gown than a piece of fabric slit up and down to there. Not sure how much liquid she subsisted on to pull off this big reveal, but she certainly got the exposure she needed.


7. Edwin Goh

A see-through singlet at the Star Awards? We are still on the fence whether such under-dressing was an act of bravura, or happy hour started early. Then again, given how his peers were melting in the heat in their three-piece suits, can you blame him? Goh actually hand-made this black crochet vest embellished with red beads; considering how “crafty” he is, upcycling is likely in the near future for this history-making apparel.


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