Taiwanese TV host Jacky Wu's son Rick Wu arrested in drug bust

Taiwanese TV host Jacky Wu's son Rick Wu arrested in drug bust

Taiwanese TV host Jacky Wu's son Rick Wu arrested in drug bust

Taiwanese television host Jacky Wu's son has been arrested for allegedly taking drugs.

Singer Rick Wu was arrested outside a nightclub in Taipei's Xinyi district early on Sunday morning (Dec 26). Taiwanese media reported that patrolling police officers detected the smell of marijuana and discovered the 23-year-old smoking the drugs.

Rick Wu, who goes by the stage name LucyPie, was released on bail on Sunday afternoon.

Jacky Wu, 59, reacted to his son's arrest on social media later on Sunday, writing in Chinese: "It is the father's fault if the children are not taught well. Raising them and educating them is our responsibility as parents."

The host of variety show Mr Player (2014 to present) added: "The most unforgivable mistake is stupidity. I feel ashamed as a father and can't avoid the responsibility."

This is not the first time his son has met with trouble.

In 2018, Rick Wu had posted on Instagram that he would bomb the Taipei City Hall if his girlfriend did not recover from an illness and was later fined NT$500,000 (RM75,541).

He and his father subsequently apologised in a press conference. Jacky Wu then ordered his son – who had been in the entertainment industry for only 23 days – to quit show business.

However, his son returned for recording 10 days later.

Rick Wu was due to hold a press conference on Wednesday (Dec 29) to promote his new album, but his father announced that it has been cancelled. – The Straits Times/Asia News Network

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