Tamil New Year 2022: Date, History, Significance, Rituals and Puthandu

Tamil New Year 2022: Date, History, Significance, Rituals and Puthandu Celebrations

TAMIL NEW YEAR 2022: People from the Tamil community celebrate their New Year’s Day on April 14. Tamil New Year’s Day is known as Puthandu. Puthandu is also commonly known as Varsha Pirappu. It is also celebrated by the members of the Tamil community in Sri Lanka and those located elsewhere in the world. Puthandu marks the arrival of the spring season. Tamil New Year is celebrated in the month of Chithirai, according to the Tamil solar calendar and falls on the same date as that of the Hindu lunisolar calendar. It is interesting to note that Puthandu falls on the same day every year.



Many people believe that Lord Brahma began the creation of the universe on the day of Puthandu. There are also several references to the Tamil New year being celebrated in the month of April in early Tamil literature. Nakkirar, an author, mentioned that the sun moves from Mesha or Chitterai vai 11 signals of the zodiac. Another scholar Kudulur Kizhaar considered the Mesh Rashi or Aries zodiac sign as the beginning of a new and fresh year.



Even though the festival of Puthandu is not a purely religious festival, it holds religious significance as many people believe that the Hindu god of creation, Lord Brahma, created the universe on Puthandu. Many Tamilians also believe that Lord Indra, the Prince of harmony came to Earth on this day to verify peace and serenity on thep planet.



A day before Puthandu, Tamil women decorate their houses with ‘Kolam’ to welcome joy and prosperity in their homes. Cleaning the house on the day before or on Puthandu and setting up a tray filled with fruits, flowers, and other items that are considered auspicious is yet another common ritual witnessed and observed by many Tamil families. Many people also take a herbal bath to clean themselves thoroughly. Turmeric bath is common among Tamil women.

People dress up in new attires and greet each other with ‘Puthandu Vazthukal’ and take blessings from the elders in the family. Singing devotional songs and making Pongal are also common on Puthandu.


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