Telegram outage reported worldwide, thousands affected

Telegram outage reported worldwide, thousands affected


SINGAPORE: Users of popular messaging service Telegram reported outages worldwide on Monday (Jan 17).


The outage began at about 10.15pm Singapore time and slowly resumed services from 11.30pm.


According to posts on Twitter and user-submitted reports to, the service appeared to be down in various countries, including Singapore, Indonesia, India, Australia, Myanmar, Bangladesh, the United Arab Emirates, Germany and the United States.


As of 11pm, more than 7,000 instances of outages were reported, with users tweeting that their messages were not being sent via the app. 


Users also posted screenshots of the app displaying an "Updating" message.


As of 11.45pm, the number of reports fell to a few hundred. Users on Twitter said the service was back online.


At about 11.46pm, Telegram replied to users on Twitter, apologising "for the interruption" and said it was working on a fix.


Telegram replied to various users on Twitter at about 12.01am early on Tuesday that things were "back to normal", advising users to connect to the service again and "let the memes flow".


At 12.11am, Telegram released a statement saying its users in East Asia, Indonesia, India and Australia were affected by the outage. 


"Sorry! Everything's back to normal now," they said on Twitter.

C. (2022b, January 17). Telegram outage reported worldwide, thousands affected. CNA.

  • Jan 18, 2022
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