#trending: 'Do you like Singaporean girls?' Jackson Wang tackles some burning questions at fan meet

#trending: 'Do you like Singaporean girls?' Jackson Wang tackles some burning questions at fan meet

#trending: 'Do you like Singaporean girls?' Jackson Wang tackles some burning questions at fan meet


SINGAPORE — The Magic Man is back. K-pop idol Jackson Wang returned to Singapore on Tuesday (Dec 20), ahead of his first solo concert tour show on Friday. 


Jackson's last visit in August lasted nearly two weeks and featured a travel vlog he was filming with the Singapore Tourism Board, a sold-out Team Wang party at Marquee Singapore and a star-studded launch eventfor his new fashion line Mudance.


During his visit then, we learnt that Jackson's top food picks in Singapore were butter crab, durian and chicken rice. And more surprisingly for Singaporean fans, one of his favourite childhood movies iss the movie I Not Stupid by director Jack Neo.


On Wednesday, the friendly entertainer once again took the time to answer burning questions in an exclusive event for fans held by custom beauty brand Skin Inc at The Pavilion in Far East Square.


Here are some of our picks of the top heart-melting and comedic moments from the question-and-answer session.


1. Taken by surprise

One fan had the crowd in stitches when she went into a panic upon being chosen by Jackson to kick off the in-person Q&A.


After answering two questions picked from Instagram comments, Jackson and host Chow Jia Hui turned their attention to fans on the scene, calling on those with questions to raise their hands.


In a video published of the event, Jackson says: "The person with the cellphone, filming right now, with glasses? Do you have any questions?"


Not expecting to be spotted and chosen, the fan responds: "Oh s***!"


Other fans on TikTok were tickled by the scene, commenting on the video post that they empathised with the poor girl.


One TikTok user joked: "Bro became a lecturer... Man, I'll be speechless there, for real."


2. That's enough durian, for now

We all know the man loves durian, but sometimes, too much is just too much.


Following an offer of free chicken rice from a chicken rice stall owner here, Ms Chow brought up the topic of "durian season" — but was promptly cut off by an anxious Jackson.


"Okay, this is a thing I got to really talk about," he said with a sigh. "Because I said I love durian, every single person I meet gives me durian."


As the audience broke into laughter, Jackson continued: "I love it so much, that doesn't mean I have to eat it every five minutes, you know, so...


"I love durian, but, yeah. Don't worry, I'll get it myself."


Jackson also mentioned wanting to visit a pasar malam or night market, so some of his fans might just be able to catch him around town.


3. Congratulating influencer Wong Xiao Qian on her engagement

Singapore influencer Wong Xiao Qian found herself pleasantly surprised when she took the microphone to ask Jackson a question.


She introduced herself, but before she could pose her question, Jackson asked his own: "When's the marriage?"


As she gaped at him, lost for words, he continued in Mandarin: "Wishing that you both will grow old together, be happy and blissful together."


In April, Ms Wong posted a TikTok video in the style of a popular TikTok trend set to Rasheeda's Marry Me.


Content creators typically use the application's green screen effect to dance in front of images of their celebrity crush, and the TikToker used the trend to announce her own engagement, getting 11.3 million views.


It would be no surprise that Jackson may have come across it — but with the number of people he meets every day, it is remarkable that he remembered and recognised her.


Ms Wong declared in her video caption: "Jackson Wang is the sweetest man ever 😭... My boyfriend is second 🤣."


4. Revealing his signature scent

Ms Wong may have been too shocked to ask Jackson any questions, but thankfully, her boyfriend Xavier Lim, a fellow influencer, had things covered.


Mr Lim was the one Jackson first noticed when looking for a new question to answer, calling him "this handsome guy over there".


Mr Lim said: "My girlfriend loves your perfume... May I know, what do you use?"


Ms Wong later revealed: "For the record, he was too shy to ask for himself so he said (it) was for me."


Spoiler alert: The scent is Prive the Yulong by Giorgio Armani. Men, take note.


5. On Singaporean girls

Following Jackson's hit Marquee party in August, he recently announced another party, this time on Christmas eve. It will be held at the Marina Bay Sands'  Infinity Pool and Marquee nightclub, with tickets starting from S$388.


Ms Kelly Tan, another influencer attendee, was evidently hoping to score some tickets to the pricey bash.


When it got to her turn, Ms Tan asked Jackson if he "likes Singaporean girls", repeating the question a second time when the yells from the crowd appeared to have drowned out his answer.


Looking confused, Jackson replied again: "Well, yeah... But I (haven't had), like, a lot of chances to meet any yet... to feel the whole place yet."


Ms Tan then followed up with a second question, gesturing to herself and her friends in the VIP section: "Do you want to invite us to Marquee?"


Jackson then pointed out his manager: "I will answer that by having... Where's Daryl? This man will answer anything."


However, fans have since criticised the influencer for her "air-headed question".


One comment on her TikTok account read: "He did not host that (fan event) to get hit on and get asked questions about dating."


Ms Tan seemed to have acknowledged the negative feedback in the caption of her video, which was posted on both Instagram and TikTok, calling her question a "stupid question".


She tagged Marquee Singapore's account, asking if the group — including Ms Wong, Mr Lim and professional host Royce Lee — was invited.


6. Finding one's own magic

Apart from answering questions about his personal preferences and obliging requests for him to speak Cantonese, address specific fans by name and handwrite his song lyrics for a tattoo design, the singer also dished out some meaningful advice.


In reply to a question about how people can "find their own magic", Jackson — who recently released his new album called Magic Man — said: "(For) every single person, the standard of happiness is different.


"What is 'happy' to me (may) not necessarily (be the same for) somebody else.


"My audience and my fans and my community... They're all from different fields, different industries, and I hope they find their magic and the stuff that they believe in and that they love."


He added that there is a danger of falling into self-doubt because of outside influences from the internet or from social media trends.


"I think we're all, like, special individuals and we should believe (in) ourselves more and trust our gut feeling more and do what we love every single day."


Several die-hard fans flew in from China, the Philippines and Thailand to meet Jackson.


The singer said that he had just recorded a song the day before and will most likely be releasing two more songs before April next year.


"No more crazy music videos," he declared, referring to his spiel of cinematic videos for the Magic Man album, including the zombie-themed Come Alive music video which came out earlier this month.


"That's just too much, I have nightmares because of that."


After the event, Jackson found himself mobbed by fans eager to take photos with him. In a viral Twitter video taken by a Thai fan, a crowd of people can be seen shoving each other to get closer to the singer as his security team tried to intervene.


Fans and online users on Twitter have also slammed two older men in particular for their "aggressive and rude" behaviour, with many saying that they would not have tolerated them and Jackson was "just too nice".


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