Turkish chess prodigy reigns undefeated in European Championships

Turkish chess prodigy reigns undefeated in European Championships

Turkish chess prodigy reigns undefeated in European Championships


Seven-year-old Turkish chess player Masal Budumlu has emerged as an undefeated champion in the European Schools Championship organized by the European Chess Union (ECU), taking her ambitions to new heights.


Masal's chess journey began during the COVID-19 pandemic under the guidance of her mother, Pınar Budumlu.


Despite her tender age, the young prodigy swiftly made significant strides in the world of chess, participating in numerous competitions throughout Türkiye.


However, it was her unparalleled achievements that earned her the prestigious title of a national treasure.


Masal's meteoric rise culminated in a stunning victory at the European Championship, where she emerged triumphant in all nine matches held in Durraç, Albania, from May 12-22.


Reflecting on her remarkable feat, Masal shared her elation with Anadolu Agency (AA), revealing her aspirations to become a world champion.


Recounting her journey thus far, Masal expressed: "Following my success in local tournaments in Kahramanmaraş, Hatay, Adana, and Mersin, I advanced to the Turkish Championship. The competition proved a resounding success, winning all nine matches in the European Schools Chess Championship, securing the title of undefeated champion. However, my boldest move is reserved for the World Championship. I'm eagerly saving my best for that momentous event."


Masal's mother, Pınar Budumlu, shared her daughter's early fascination with puzzles and chess, eventually leading to the young prodigy embarking on her chess journey.


Speaking about Masal's passion for the game, Pınar Budumlu stated: "When Masal displayed remarkable talent in chess, her coach encouraged us to participate in tournaments across various cities. We ventured to these competitions enthusiastically, achieving success wherever we went. Subsequently, we embarked on the Turkish Championship, where Masal secured second place, earning the title of a national treasure. Representing Türkiye, she has been granted the opportunity to compete on a grander scale. Her recent crowning as the European champion only fuels our aspirations to vie for the ultimate glory at the World Championship. Our aim is to gather invaluable experience on this remarkable journey."


Masal's unprecedented achievements at such a young age have garnered attention and admiration from chess enthusiasts.


With her sights set on the elusive World Championship, this emerging chess prodigy continues to captivate the imagination of the chess community, leaving an indelible mark on the sport as she embarks on her quest for greatness.


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