Volunteer as a Polling and Counting Agent for Singapore’s 2023 Presidential Election

Volunteer as a Polling and Counting Agent for Singapore’s 2023 Presidential Election

Volunteer as a Polling and Counting Agent for Singapore’s 2023 Presidential Election


For the upcoming Singapore Presidential Election on 1st September, members of the civil society have spearheaded an initiative to strengthen our democratic fabric.


We invite committed individuals to join us as Polling and Counting Agents, standing together for a transparent, fair, and just election.


Polling agents will be entrusted with overseeing the voting procedure at specified polling stations. Simultaneously, counting agents will be responsible for recording the station results, guaranteeing that our electoral process upholds its integrity and transparency.


Why is this important?

  • Transparency: The results will be shared with the public, offering Singaporeans an unprecedented level of transparency, letting them see how each precinct voted.
  • Strategic Planning: Political parties can utilize this data for future campaign strategies.
  • Boundary Assessment: The public can assess if voting patterns from the Presidential Election influence boundary amendments for the subsequent Singapore General Election.


With 1,264 polling stations to oversee, your participation is crucial!


It’s entirely acceptable not to support any of the candidates in this Presidential election.


This vote-counting exercise, organized by members of civil society, is not specifically in support of Mr Tan Kin Lian, a candidate in the upcoming Presidential Election. It’s an exercise in active citizenry.


Nonetheless, Mr Tan endorses this initiative, which hinges on his candidacy, championing transparency, and has given permission for the results to be shared publicly.


Detailed Roles & Responsibilities:


Polling Agent:

  • Before 8 am: Be at your assigned polling station to observe the sealing of ballot boxes by Presiding Officers (POs).
  • Between 8 am and 8 pm: Monitor the polling process within the station in either the morning or afternoon shift.
  • After 8 pm: Witness the sealing of ballot boxes and election materials, and oversee the transportation of sealed ballot boxes to the counting center.


Counting Agent:

  • Before 7.30 pm: Be at the counting centre to observe the pre-counting test of the counting machines.
  • Upon the arrival of ballot boxes: Check and ensure that seals on the ballot boxes remain intact before they’re opened.
  • During the count: Watch the counting process and provide feedback to the Assistant Returning Officer (ARO) on vote adjudication, when asked.
  • At the close of the count: Witness the sealing of ballot papers and election materials into the depository boxes.


Volunteer Requirements:

  • Cannot be a student attending primary or secondary school.
  • Mustn’t have an order of supervision under the Criminal Law (Temporary Provisions) Act (Cap. 67).
  • Cannot be an undischarged bankrupt.
  • Must be a Singaporean citizen.
  • Be available on 26 or 27 August to sign the Oath of Secrecy Form and the Appointment of Polling Agent/Counting Agent Form. (Location will be shared later.)
  • You can opt to sign up as both a Polling and Counting Agent. (But note that counting might cross midnight as in PE2011)


Why Join?

  • Uphold democracy and promote transparency in our nation.
  • Gain firsthand experience and insight into the election process.


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