Women Carrying Gentlewoman Bags In S’pore Get Called Out With Snarky Captions On This IG Page

Women Carrying Gentlewoman Bags In S’pore Get Called Out With Snarky Captions On This IG Page

Women Carrying Gentlewoman Bags In S’pore Get Called Out With Snarky Captions On This IG Page

Instagram Page Posts Sightings Of Singaporean Women With Gentlewoman Tote Bags


Anyone who goes on Instagram will be no stranger to random pages that highlight oddly specific parts of everyday life, like this one that rates senget McDonald’s burgers.


Now, a new Instagram page has risen to poke fun at another common sight in Singapore — the Gentlewoman tote bag, and the women who carry them.


Simply named @gentlewomanbaginsg, the page posts sightings of women carrying the notoriously mainstream bag from the Thai fashion label, along with delightfully snarky captions.


The satirical take on this trend makes for a tote-ally good laugh, maybe even for those who own the bag themselves.


Here are some of the shadiest submissions for your amusement, arranged in no particular order.

(Supposedly) counterfeit Gentlewoman bags are not spared

One post showed a close-up of a canvas tote bag with the brand name in a lesser-known font.


This raised some suspicions from followers, who wondered if the bag was even from the brand itself.


Also, another comment quipped that it was bought from Shopee.


As usual, @gentlewomanbaginsg did not mince words, captioning the post with ‘Special colour!!! Not so special bag.’.


That said, the design appears to be from one of Gentlewoman’s past collections, although we cannot confirm if the bag in the post is the real deal.


Size of pocket on Gentlewoman tote bag comes into question

In a separate post, a woman is seen carrying a variation of the classic Gentlewoman tote bag, which features an additional pocket on the front.


While the wearer may have attempted to (sort of) distance themselves from the crowd with this design, it’s the pocket that admin zeroes in on.


‘I guess the pocket can fit her dignity… for carrying this bag…’, the caption reads.


Shots. Fired.


Chinese medicine needed to recover from this burn

For this Gentlewoman fan, she was just going about her day after a trip to Eu Yan Sang.


To @gentlewomanbagsinsg, she was stocking up on ginseng to cure ‘basic bag syndrome’.


While we can’t say for sure if the woman pictured really did buy ginseng, we daresay she’ll need some serious Chinese medicine to recover from that burn.


Here’s hoping whatever she took home in that bag can help.


Gentlewoman fan applauded for ‘buying a new bag’

On days when serious retail therapy is required, one tote bag isn’t enough for all our spoils of the day.


One woman stepped out with a mini Gentlewoman tote bag and a bigger, logo-less one, evoking a rare “compliment” from admin.


‘Good on you! Buying a new bag!!’, the admin wrote sarcastically, punctuating their caption with a thumbs-up emoji.


You know what they say about variety being the spice of life.


Werk it, Queen of the Gentlewoman tote bag

Speaking of compliments, @gentlewomanbaginsg was equally full of “praise” for another female pedestrian, whose picture was submitted by a follower.


Although she was simply waiting to cross the street, the admin noticed her model-esque pose of putting her hands on her hips.


This sparked inspiration for admin, who told the woman in the photo to “werk (sic) it” and applauded her for serving “charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent”.


Indeed, the world is a runway for this Gentlewoman-toting lady, and we’re just living in it.


Admins started Instagram page after seeing several Gentlewoman tote bags in a day

Speaking to MSNews, the admins (yes, there are actually two!) said they decided to start the page after seeing three to four Gentlewoman tote bags separately in one day.


Consequently, they felt that the bags were “everywhere” and it was getting to be too much.


For now, the admins prefer to remain anonymous and coyly stated that they are just doing “the Lord’s work”.


Asked on how they take their furtive photos, they revealed that they just pretend to take selfies or a picture of something nearby.


However, that may not be for much longer, as they shared they have been receiving lots of follower submissions daily.


If you’d like to report, we mean, submit a Gentlewoman tote bag sighting, just slide into their DMs on Instagram.


PSA to Gentlewoman handbag lovers: Stay safe out there, you could be next.


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