Wreck of Taiwan's most advanced fighter jet found after crash

Wreck of Taiwan's most advanced fighter jet found after crash

Wreck of Taiwan's most advanced fighter jet found after crash


TAIPEI: Taiwanese rescuers on Wednesday (Jan 12) located the wreckage of an  a day before, less than two months after the island launched the first squadron of its most advanced fighters.


The jet disappeared from radar screens around half an hour after taking off for a routine training mission from its base in south-western Taiwan on Tuesday.


The air force said the jet plunged into the sea with no sign of the 28-year-old pilot ejecting in time.


The national rescue centre said wreckage of fuselage had been found but there were no signs of the pilot following an all-night search involving multiple helicopters, coastguard vessels and more than 60 officials.


The incident has dealt a blow to the new squadron of US-made F-16Vs that was commissioned in November as Taiwan upgraded its ageing fleet amid rising tensions with China.


The air force has temporarily grounded its entire F-16 fleet.


Beijing claims self-ruled Taiwan as part of its territory and has vowed to take it one day, by force if necessary.


Under China, China has ramped up economic, diplomatic and military pressure on Taiwan.


Taiwan's air force has suffered a string of fatal accidents in recent years as it is kept under constant pressure by China, which has ramped up incursions into its air defence zone since 2020.


Last year, Taiwan recorded 969 incursions by Chinese warplanes into its air defence zone, according to a database compiled by AFP, more than double the roughly 380 carried out in 2020.


Last March, Taiwan grounded all military aircraft after a pilot was killed and another went missing when  in the third fatal crash in less than six months.

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