Warranty Terms:

  • This warranty is guaranteed from date of installation against manufacturing defect, excluding firmness or comfort level of the product, negligent usage, improper care of maintenance, wear & tear and others.
  • Damage to the lock due to soiling, stains, bodily fluids or burns is considered unsanitary and will void your warranty.
  • Service visit and repair works are chargeable for defects and damages not under manufacturer’s defects, or out of warranty.
  • Top up fee is applicable for any replacement of part at the point of service, based on depreciation over the warranty period and its purchase price.
  • This warranty only covers within Singapore
  • This warranty does not cover for display items purchase and FOC items
  • In the case where the item is already exchanged / serviced, warranty will still be continuing from the original warranty period from the installation date
  • For the 2 years on-site warranty from the date of installation, Singgate will, at its sole discretion, replace or repair a faulty lock, due to manufacturing defects, without any charge.
  • Transportation charges $50 per trip are applicable for any non-related to manufacturing defects.
  • However, Singgate reserves the rights to invalidate warranty should product be found on inspection to be in an unsanitary condition or when product failure is caused by misuse.

^ Due to Covid-19 safety measures, prior to any schedule for revisit we require customer to provide us a video of the issue faced, in order for us to identify the problem and advise accordingly.