Why Should You Get a Digital Lock?

Why Should You Get a Digital Lock?

Why Should You Get a Digital Lock?

For first time users, this is a common question that many people ask.

Many homeowners ponder the differences in using digital lock compared to a traditional door lock. Well, we shall break down this into 2 main differences:

  1. Security

    Singapore may have outdone itself in ensuring low crime rates, but we should never take home security for granted.
    Singgate Digital Locks are now armed with intrusion alarms and anti-hacking firewalls to prevent security breaches — 2 technological feature that a deadbolt lacks. 
    It will be triggered when there is a presence of intrusion/break-in. Therefore, in terms of security, will pass off better compared to normal lock.

  2. Convenience

    Till date, many Singaporeans are using the conventional type of door locks that use only mechanical keys to unlock the door.

    May ask yourself few question listed below: 
    - Finding Key All-around?
    - Giving Access to Guests / Relatives While You 're Away?
    - Changing Your Lock(s) Because You Lost Your Keys?
    - Opening a Difficult-to-unlock Door / Gate?

    Gone are the days when you waste time fumbling for keys or resort to hiding spare keys underneath mats and potted plants. With Singgate  Digital Lock, enter your homes with either flash your face, a tap of your fingerprint, RFID card, or passcode in a jiffy.

    Which means even when you leave your house without anything in your pocket, you would not need to be worried about being stranded outside your house with Singgate Digital Lock.

    That’s not all — sharing access can also be easily changed if you’re opening your doors to visitors into your homes. All you have to do is just remotely unlock, share a temporary passcode or register their fingerprints for easy entry.

However, with the increasing demand of digital locks, you should take extra caution when you are purchasing your own digital locks. Try to avoid parallel imported locks and opt for locally authorized digital door locks for better durability, warranty and safety assurance.


We are a Singapore Local Company with a Singapore Local Brand - SINGGATE.

All our digital locks come with a 2 years on-site warranty and life-time technical support. We also provide Friendly Consultation and Professional Installation by In-House Trained Engineers to our valued customers. Every part of our lock has spare parts in Singapore.

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