Taiwanese Host Matilda Tao, Korean Actor Kim Jae Hoon Among 94 Nominees Vying To Be Star Awards 2024 Most Popular Artistes

Taiwanese Host Matilda Tao, Korean Actor Kim Jae Hoon Among 94 Nominees Vying To Be Star Awards 2024 Most Popular Artistes

Taiwanese Host Matilda Tao, Korean Actor Kim Jae Hoon Among 94 Nominees Vying To Be Star Awards 2024 Most Popular Artistes

It’s that time of the year again to cast our votes for our favourite stars. Just as we thought competition was fierce last year, when a total of 75 male and female artistes were nominated for the Top 10 Most Popular Male and Top 10 Most Popular Female category, this year's popularity race is even more heated with a whopping 94 nominees.


The Most Popular nominees list, released today (Mar 18), revealed the 46 female and 48 male artistes in the running. We counted 30 DJs and 64 actors and actresses in the combined list.


Besides usual names in the Top 10 Females nominees list like Carrie Wong, Hong Ling, and Yvonne Lim (who is up for her final Top 10 award), this year sees the inclusion of Taiwanese host Matilda Tao.

If you haven’t heard, Matilda, who now lives in Singapore with her 15-year-old son, hosts 
The Matilda Show on LOVE 972 on weekdays. She made the list of nominees because she hosted last year's Star Awards. 


Another surprise nom is Korean actor Kim Jae Hoon, whom you may remember from the Rui En romance-fantasy drama Oppa Saranghae!. Will Oppa be flying to Singapore for the Star Awards?


Frequent Top 10 winners Paige Chua and Xu Bin, on the other hand, are not in contention as they were not involved in any projects which aired last year. Jin Yinji and Aileen Tan, who are both nominated for Best Supporting Actress, are also missing from the popularity noms.


According to the eligibility criteria, nominees in the Top 10 categories have to meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • Have a lead role or be a main host in at least one eligible programme; or 
  • Play a supporting role or be an episodic host (for video) or co-host (for audio) in a) at least 3 eligible programmes, or b) at least 30 episodes in total across all eligible programmes


More details on the eligibility and judging criteria can be found here.


A total of 42 artistes who have been in showbiz for five or fewer years are included in the Most Popular Rising Stars category. Only three will win the award. Last year's Most Popular Stars were Ayden Sng, Richie Koh and Gao Meigui. 

While Richie and Meigui have graduated to the Most Popular Artiste category, Ayden is still in contention for a Most Popular Rising Star award. 


This year will also see Ann Kok and Jesseca Liu go on stage to recieve their All-Time Favourite Artiste awards after picking up their 10th popularity award last year.


The MyPICK! awards, which include Favourite CP and Most Hated Villain are also up for grabs that night.


Scroll down to see who made the nominees list for Top 10 Most Popular Female, Top 10 Most Popular Male, Most Popular Rising Stars, and MyPICK! Awards.

You can also check out the nominees for performance categories 

Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes

1. Belinda Lee

2. Bonnie Loo

3. Boon Hui Lu

4. Bukoh Mary

5. Carrie Wong

6. Chantalle Ng

7. Chen Bi Yu

8. Chen Hui Hui

9. Chen Ning

10. Chen Sen Lian

11. Chua Lee Lian

12. Cynthia Koh

13. Denise Camillia Tan

14. Evelyn Tan

15. Fang Rong

16. Ferlyn G

17. Gao Mei Gui

18. Goh Wei Ying

19. Hazelle Teo 

20. He Ying Ying

21. Hong Hui Fang

22. Hong Ling

23. Irene Ang

24. Joy Yak

25. Ko Ee Sim

26. Liang Peng

27. Lim Leng Kee

28. Lim Yi Chyi

29. Lin Pei Fen

30. Lin Ru Ping

31. Lina Ng

32. Lina Tan

33. Matilda Tao

34. Mei Xin

35. Ng Seok Khoong

36. Pan Ling Ling

37. Patricia Mok

38. Regina Lim

39. Siau Jiahui

40. Tasha Low

41. Tay Ying

42. Violet Fenying

43. Wendy Zeng

44. Xixi Lim

45. Ya Hui

46. Yvonne Lim

Top 10 Most Popular Male Artistes

1. Alfred Sun

2. Andie Chen

3. Ben Yeo

4. Benjamin Tan

5. Brandon Wong

6. Brian Ng

7. Cavin Soh

8. Charlie Goh

9. Chen Shu Cheng

10. Chua En Lai

11. Darren Lim

12. Desmond Ng

13. Desmond Tan

14. Eric Lay

15. Guo Liang

16. Ian Fang

17. James Seah

18. Jeff Goh

19. Jeffrey Xu 

20. Jeremy Chan

21. Joe Tsoi

22. Kenneth Kong

23. Kim Jae Hoon

24. Lee Teng

25. Lyu Linxuan

26. Marcus Chin

27. Nick Teo

28. Phua Kia Peow

29. Pornsak

30. Raymond Foong Kim Ben

31. Rayson Tan 

32. Richard Low

33. Richie Koh

34. Romeo Tan

35. Shane Pow

36. Shaun Chen

37. Soo Wee Seng

38. Vincent Lim

39. Wallace Ang

40. Wang Yuqing

41. Yan Wei Xiao Er

42. Yao Wen Long

43. Yeow Seng Yong

44. Zhai Si Ming

45. Zhang Yao Dong

46. Zhong Kun Hua

47. Zhu Hou Ren

48. Zong Zi Jie

Most Popular Rising Stars

1. Abigail Chue

2. Ayden Sng

3. Billy Seow

4. Chen Qi Jia

5. Cheryl Chou

6. Damien Teo

7. Daryl -Ann

8. Das DD

9. David Loo

10. Gini Chang

11. Hank Wang

12. Herman Keh

13. Isabelle Quek

14. Jernelle Oh

15. Jian Ruyi

16. JJ Neo

17. Juin Teh

18. Karyn Wong 

19. Ke Le

20. Kevin Chua

21. Kharissa Pundarika

22. Kiki Lim

23. Kyle Chan

24. Lim Pin Juen

25. Oh Ling En

26. Regene Lim

27. Samantha Tan

28. Seow Sin Nee

29. Shanice Koh

30. Shawn Thia

31. Sheryl Ang

32. Tan Ting Fong

33. Ter Wee Cher Richard

34. Tyler Ten

35. Wang Jia Rui Jensen

36. Wang Wenhui

37. Xuan Ong

38. Yang Yan

39. Yunis To

40. Zhang Ze Tong

41. Zheng Yu Rong

42. Zhu Ze Liang

MyPICK! Awards

Favourite CP

Desmond Tan and Chantalle Ng — All That Glitters

Jeremy Chan and Pan Ling Ling — All That Glitters

Richie Koh and He Ying Ying — Cash On Delivery

Rui En And Kim Jae Hoon — Oppa Saranghae! 

Richie Koh and Boon Hui Lu — Till The End 

The Show Stealer 

Ayden Sng — All That Glitters 

Desmond Tan — All That Glitters

Jeremy Chan — All That Glitters

Jernelle Oh — Cash On Delivery 

Richie Koh — Cash On Delivery 

Most Hated Villain 

Zhang Ze Tong — All That Glitters 

Chen Hui Hui — My One and Only

Shaun Chen — My One and Only 

Brandon Wong  — SHERO

Jeffrey Xu — Strike Gold 


Catch the Backstage LIVE event of Star Awards 2024 from 3.30pm - 10.30pm on mewatch or Mediacorp Entertainment YouTube Channel on April 21 (Sunday).


The Walk Of Fame will be from 5pm - 6.30pm, on mewatch, Ch 8, Ch U, and Mediacorp Entertainment YouTube Channel on the same day.


It will be followed by the Star Awards 2024 Live Show from 7pm - 10pm on , Ch 8, Ch U, and Mediacorp Entertainment YouTube Channel.


The repeat telecast for the Walk of Fame and Award Ceremony will air on Ch 8 from 2pm - 6.30pm on April 28 (Sunday).


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