'That's our crab!' Charmaine Sheh eats at Kelly Jie Seafood, has owners rushing down to meet her

'That's our crab!' Charmaine Sheh eats at Kelly Jie Seafood, has owners rushing down to meet her

'That's our crab!' Charmaine Sheh eats at Kelly Jie Seafood, has owners rushing down to meet her


What are the chances that a celebrity will post about what they're eating while still at the restaurant?


Most share where they went after they've left the place in a bid for privacy, but not Charmaine Sheh, who posted an Instagram Story of herself eating crab on Monday (April 22).


Though Charmaine didn't mention where she was, the owners of Kelly Jie Seafood immediately realised it was their restaurant.


"News has been posting about where our Man Jie went to eat after Star Awards. So yesterday we saw her IG Story... That's our crab!" they shared in an Instagram Reel on Tuesday. 


The clip shows the owners Rachel and Zara Lim "chionging down to the shop to catch her", with Rachel running and Zara presumably taking the video.


Kelly Jie Seafood was run by Rachel and Zara's mother, the eponymous Kelly Soon, for 17 years until her retirement last year. Her daughters left their careers in banking and real estate respectively to take over the restaurant.


"Man Jie is here, please bless us to make it!" the sisters wrote in the Reel, referring to Charmaine's recent role as Man Wai Sam in The Queen of News.


Though the video added that they were in "panic mode on max", the Lims managed to not only meet Charmaine but get her autograph on a crab ornament too.


The sisters told AsiaOne that they were actually informed by their staff that Charmaine was at the restaurant, but it was around twenty minutes after she had arrived at 5pm when she was already eating her first dish.


"At that time, we were at home preparing [to go out] and when we received the phone call, what would usually take us 15 minutes we finished within five minutes," they shared. 


"And it was peak hour so we were really afraid of missing her to due to traffic jams."


Back in January, they had missed Hong Kong actress Jessica Hsuan eating at Kelly Jie Seafood as they were in Bangkok at the time. With Zara being a huge fan of Charmaine from watching her in Forensic Heroes 2, they didn't want to give up the chance to meet her too.


The video of them running was taken at around 6.08pm, the sisters told us.


"We really nearly missed her because she was gonna catch her flight right after," they added.


So what was Charmaine's verdict about the food at Kelly Jie Seafood?


"Our head chef also took a photo with her and she told him that his cooking is very delicious," the sisters shared.


"Actually, this isn't the first time she came to eat at our restaurant, she's been here a few times already. We have an old photo of her (with our uncle) at our shop as well!"


The sisters posted their photos with Charmaine and the signed crab on April 22.


"We’ve been graced by Man Jie’s surprise appearance today!" the post read. "Always watched her on television and it really feels so surreal to see her in person.


"We were never the sort to chase stars but who can resist Man Jie!"


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