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[National Day Promo] FR052 Door + FM021 Gate Digital Lock Bundle

[National Day Promo] FR052 Door + FM021 Gate Digital Lock Bundle

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Service Included

  • 2 Years Warranty (ON-SITE)
  • Professional Installation
  • Sales Consultation, Call or WhatsApp us at +65 88992006

SINGGATE FR052 Palm Vein Recognition Digital Door Lock

- CNC Precision: Premium Reliability -

3D Face and Palm Vein Authentication, which ensures airtight security by uniquely identifying you based on the contours of your face and the intricate patterns of your palm veins. Crafted with precision through CNC machine production and premium materials, guarantees durability and reliability.

FR052 - Precision CNC machining ensures premium durability and reliability.

Method of Authentications:

  1. 3D Facial Recognition (Front/Side face)
  2. Biometric palm vein
  3. Touchpad (PIN code)
  4. Biometric fingerprint
  5. WIFI Mobile APP Unlocking
  6. Grade C security key (2 Keys Included)
  7. RFID Card | RFID Tag | RFID Sticker
  8. WIFI Mobile APP Video Call Unlocking

Feature Highlights:

  • Video Call Remotely Unlocking
  • 3D Face & Palm Vein Authentication
  • Premium Material Quality & CNC Machine Production
SINGGATE FM021 Metal Gate Digital Lock
Looking for Metal Gate Look? Yes, We got you covered! Singapore's First Truly Digital Lock for Metal Gate offers dual-side authentication. No more ugly Black Box.
Method of Authentications:
  1. Biometric fingerprint
  2. Touchpad (PIN code)
  3. WIFI Mobile APP Unlocking
  4. Grade C security key
  5. RFID Card | RFID Tag | RFID Sticker
Feature Highlights:
  • Dual Side Fingerprint Authentication
  • No Additional Remote Controller is Required
  • Remotely Unlocking Control
Service Included in *Bundle Deal*:
  • Free Installation by professional In-house trained engineers

SINGGATE Digital Lock is Local Brand

-- We Design for Singapore's Houses --

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