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FR018 Finger Vein & Smart Viewer Digital Door Lock

FR018 Finger Vein & Smart Viewer Digital Door Lock

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Service Included

  • 2 Years Warranty (ON-SITE)
  • Professional Installation
  • Sales Consultation, Call or WhatsApp us at +65 88992006

SINGGATE FR018 Finger Vein Recognition Digital Door Lock

- Tech Frontrunners Door Lock -

Fingerprint Issues? Solved with Finger Vein Recognition! We strive to enhance all your crucial systems, making them more streamlined, secure, efficient, and robust.

FR018 - Revolutionizing Finger Vein Recognition with a Stylish New Approach

Method of Authentications:

  1. Finger vein (100 storage)
  2. Touch pad (PIN Code)
  3. RFID card | RFID tag | RFID sticker
  4. Wi-Fi mobile APP video call unlocking
  5. Mechanical Override Key

Feature Highlights:

  • Finger Vein Authentication
  • Ignore Any Skin Surface Issues
  • Video Call Remotely Unlocking

SINGGATE Digital Lock is Local Brand

-- We Design for Singapore's Houses --


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