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FS012 Pro Smart Sync Digital Door Lock

FS012 Pro Smart Sync Digital Door Lock

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Service Included

  • 2 Years Warranty (ON-SITE)
  • Professional Installation
  • Sales Consultation, Call or WhatsApp us at +65 88992006

SINGGATE FS012 PRO Digital Door Lock


Method of Authentications:

  1. Smart Sync Unlock
  2. Fingerprints store up to 100
  3. Touch pad (PIN code) 
  4. RFID Card | RFID Tag | RFID Sticker
  5. WIFI Mobile APP Unlocking
  6. Mechanical Override Key

Feature Highlights:

  • Smart Sync Unlock
  • Ergonomic Design
  • One-touch Motion
  • Anti-Counterfeiting Technology

    Color Family:

    • Matte Black
    • Rose Gold

    Our tips to prolong the life span of your digital lock:

    1) Use only ALKALINE batteries

    2) Do not use rechargeable batteries or mix new batteries with old batteries

    3) Change batteries every 6 months to prevent batteries leakage

    SINGGATE FS012 PRO Digital Door Lock

    🌈 Come in 2 different colors : 
    ▶️ Matte Black 
    ▶️ Rose Gold 

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