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RFID Sticker - (Radio-frequency identification Sticker)

RFID Sticker - (Radio-frequency identification Sticker)

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Service Included

  • 2 Years Warranty (ON-SITE)
  • Professional Installation
  • Sales Consultation, Call or WhatsApp us at +65 8160 0155

RFID Sticker - (Radio-frequency identification Sticker)

The size of two 10 cent coin with paper's thickness but the convenience of opening your world. Easy to slot into your wallet or simply place it between your mobile phone and case for easy access to your favorited SINGGATE digital locks.

Original Singgate RFID Sticker with SINGGATE Branding
Comes with 1 Year Warranty
Suitable for Singgate door/gate lock models with RFID support.
The price is for 1 piece only.

*Do not fold this RFID Sticker

Got questions? Call or WhatsApp us at +65 8899 2489 to have your questions answered by a friendly customer service representative.

Note: This item is no included shipping fees.

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