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EM2309 Next-Gen Electro Magnetic Door Lock

EM2309 Next-Gen Electro Magnetic Door Lock

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SINGGATE EM2309 Electro Magnetic Smart Lock 

Take Control Never Before -

Upgrade your security and access control systems, an innovative Electro Magnetic Door Lock designed to provide unparalleled convenience and safety. Ensures seamless access management for businesses and organizations of all sizes.

EM2309 - Next-Gen Electro Magnetic Lock with Advanced Features

Key Features:

  1. 4.3” Touch Screen Display: Experience intuitive navigation with the built-in 4.3” touch screen, providing a user-friendly interface for easy configuration and management.

  2. RGB + Infrared Camera: Enjoy enhanced security with the built-in camera featuring both RGB and infrared capabilities. This ensures accurate face recognition day and night, making it a reliable choice for 24/7 access control.

  3. Day-Night Vision: The infrared camera guarantees clear visibility even in low-light conditions, ensuring continuous security and access management regardless of the time of day.

Unlocking Methods:

  • Face Recognition: Utilize the advanced facial recognition technology, capable of storing up to 3000 facial profiles, for a swift and secure entry process.

  • Palm Recognition: Choose palm recognition for an additional layer of security, accommodating up to 3000 palm profiles, ensuring quick and accurate access.

  • Password Protection: For those who prefer traditional methods, the EM2309 allows up to 3000 users to access through password authentication.

System Management:

  • User Management: Effortlessly manage your system with user categorization into departments, streamlining access control and improving organization.

  • Admin and User Roles: Assign up to 5 admin users and accommodate up to 3000 regular users, ensuring efficient and secure control over access management.

  • Enrollment and Editing: Easily enroll, edit, and delete users, offering flexibility in maintaining an up-to-date database.

  • Data Management: Download and upload data conveniently, ensuring you have full control over your access system's information.

  • Attendant Management: Keep track of attendance with ease through integrated schedule and shift management, accommodating up to 24 different shifts.

  • Log Record Management: Store up to 1,000,000 log records, with a proactive warning system to alert you before reaching maximum capacity.

  • User-Friendly Filtering: View records by user or date range, allowing you to access the information you need quickly and efficiently.


  • Schedule Report: Generate detailed reports of schedules to ensure optimal attendance management.

  • Attendance Report: Access comprehensive attendance reports for accurate records and analysis.


  • Free Standard Installation: Enjoy a hassle-free setup process with our complimentary standard installation service.

Upgrade your access control system today with the Singgate EM2309 Electro Magnetic Lock. Experience enhanced security, user-friendly management, and advanced features that set the standard for modern access control solutions. Take control of your security and access management like never before.


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